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Tribe of Blue Fire goldring enlightenment · The Emerald Heart (GR53A)
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· Sacred Blue Fire III(GR53D)
· Of Terra and Sol (GR54A)
Sacred Creative Energy (GR54B)

. Higher Sensitivity
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The Emerald Heart~ DVD #GR53A

Transcribed by: Shakti-Lila
Proofread by: Almaz
Final Proofread by: Nanineko

The Age of Piscean saviors and Arian demons has passed and the Age of Angels comes to the Tribe of Blue Fire, the Fires of Initiation. The Teachers of Light speak into the world, for they hold the keys that unlock the time codes of destiny. The gods and goddesses of this galaxy call the dreamers to awake and move with the fast flowing river of the heavens. The Wayshowers are feeling the increase of power and the acceleration of the flow rushing towards destiny and prophesy.

The Teachers of Light come to open the doorway so that you may begin to experience the Light you have called forth to empower the sons and daughters of the Blue Fire. The Emerald Heart brings together the spiritual blue fire with the golden yellow solar logos of the Third Dimension. You are at the entrance to the Emerald Heart where acceptance of the Blue Light and the Golden power becomes one in Universal Unconditional Love. Inside the sacred space of the Emerald Heart. The angels awaken your power of clairvoyance and telepathy. The Angels heal and forgive all who come into the sacred space and show the path ahead of the spiritual blue river of heaven to the Violet Temple of Ascension.

The Teachers of Light bring forth your special key and with it a gift that you receive as a sound, tone, frequency, light, an emotional feeling of the new realm where creation is yours instantly. There is a new light that is on the other side of the door. It is the Golden White Light of abundant Divine Essence. In peace and acceptance you have honored and invited and your request is answered with agreement and union. Within your heart know truth is everywhere, always, and abundance is given as you have created
that which you are, and you have always been divine by natural right. The dream of falling from grace was only a dream of being out of place and separated by a veil of forgetfulness. Now you remember, and you remember your Tribe of the Golden Sun, the Blue Fire and the Emerald Heart.

With the Star Regulas rising at sunrise on August 22nd, it will open the Galactic Emerald Heart and the Angels of Andromeda will initiate the Tribe of Blue Fire. The Eye of the illumination will shine the Light of Truth and heal the world. The sacred triangle is forming of Regulas, Arcturus and Antares. They are the Watchers of the North and West and the guardians of Spirit and Magic. The Arcturian Alignment brings in the energy of the Priestesses to guide the way through the doorway to Andromeda. The King, Priestess and Phoenix command transformational metamorphic healing. They have been called to bring order and the Sacred Blue Fire. The Sacred Blue Fire burns brightest and heals with the resurrection of life from death.

The Teachers of Light of the Grand Cross command the Eagle's destiny and the Phoenix's risen spirit. The Angel and the Lion awaken the Eye of the Bull to see the path ahead. The barren lands of Terra will be tilled with grief until the eyes of the warriors bury their swords in the sand. The land of destiny comes to awaken to the spoils of war. With the thunderous storms and hurricanes, the generals of men will lay down their swords. The blood offerings of sacrifice to the spirit of vengeance cannot be defended. The young step forth and speak the truth, as they are given the gift of wisdom. The Emerald Heart is held
in the sacred space of the Altar of Grace. Antares calls the armies home, as the warriors' wounds are deep and sorrowful. In remorse and regret, forgiveness is the request. Tears are wept for the brave spirits' death.

In purifying fires, the phoenix rises initiated. All is surrendered, in peace we awaken to the need. The question is asked, and the people grieve. The king is dead and the people remember: honor dispels evil. In deceit at the gate, the Dark Ones instigate terror in flames of the black fire. There, upon the monument, the grave is made for the hero who walks out of the Golden Sun. In the sacred space of the Emerald Heart, under the warm summer sky of the Dragons Gate, the feather of truth weighs the Light of the Soul. The heart of the snake is tamed by the Messengers of Light. The unicorn flies over the unknown oceans, while the dove flies home. The Sun and the Gods are welcomed into the Sacred Healing Emerald Heart of Regulas. The Sword rises in righteousness with the Eastern Star of the Angel of Truth.
Aldebran, the Bull's Eye, shines the light of enlightenment and follows the Seven Sisters of the Violet Temple. When the Angel of the East speaks, integrity will be restored to the warrior's blood and the military commanders will abstain from killing and be courageous.

On the eve of judgment, all is given in symbol and reality. The apocalypse arrives and the world
watches the guardians bring forth the final act. On the White Horse, the impostor conquered peace and leaves desolation in all countries. The hot breath of war follows closely, riding a horse stained with the blood of innocent children in the garden of the rivers. As the summer grows, a black horse comes in violence and greed.

There is famine for the millions, as the rich feed. Disease lives in the sky and in the sea, as oil drips from the sun, and the soil is corrupted by swine. The last horse, sick and dying, pale and cold from pestilence, arrives with Antares and the winter winds of night.In this year, the guardians come to take the will of the Dark ones to task and lead the Children of Light to a promised land. In spring the white horse of Fomulhaut, the Angel Gabriel, calls out to the others that the time has come.

When the summer approaches, the Angel Michael will bring the Sword of Truth to challenge the world to awaken to peace as war blazes in the East. The Red Horse rises across the world to presage the fall of the impostors. Then fall comes, with the Black Horse and Raphael to bring healing, while the Pale Horse waits for winter to come before it rides with death and the scythe.Your ears have come accustomed to our words and now you are being called forth through the eons to understand the stars and prophecy. The timings of the judgment are here and now. In the last hour walk forth as the day commands and be on the path in peaceful communion. The moment has arrived and now you are hearing the drums beat for war and the bells ring for peace. The Grand Cross spins and turns, and the riders awaken the sleeping to march towards the mountains.

In all of these symbols are brought forth the myth, legend, prehistory and purpose of humanity's awakening mind. The generals who command the legions are given the choice of life and death. They are brought face to face with honor upon the conjunction of the Sun with the Emerald Heart.

Sacred Blue Fire I ~ DVD # 20-02 GR53B

Transcribed by: Almaz
Proofread by: Areena
Final Proofread by Nanineko

You are each called to your mission, as your purpose is known to speak forth with the Creative Blue Fire. Your world is your being and family. Terra is home and there is a promise that is given and known, that each child knows they will grow in strength and knowledge. Time has come to accept the power and be the rider of the sacred horse that flies into the heavens.

The spin increases the concentration of the Dark as it runs from the Light. The Teachers of Light radiate out brighter and brighter rays of cosmic energy which enlighten the path of all who walk with the stream of Light. The oneswho have turned and move against the rays of Light see darkness and fight against it. They are lost in the face of the great waves of energy that will overcome their efforts and their selfish lives will perish soon.

The physical bodies are being raised in vibration which allows for quicker healing and faster demise.
The immune structure is a Light body and holds the keys to the auric shell and the Golden Ring. At each meal, with each portion of nourishment of drink and food, the body of Light grows or weakens.

There is an alchemy which is allowing your body to integrate the codes of the cosmic rays into your Divine microcosm of the grand system. Each breath you accept, breathe in and breath out in gratitude and appreciation for the Light of the air is energized with the prana of being. The air is filled with the blessing of pure etheric nourishment allowing Source Energy to circulate through every cell. With each movement in the dance, you are grounded into electromagnetic vibration of Terra. In the field of love and magnetism, radiate outward the Divine Light of Creative Intelligence. The ground of being holds all wisdom within the library of matter, and you know the codes and the keys. Communicate, and offer your electric spirit the ground of Terra as your home and firmament. In each vision your eyes open and speak out creation as the information is assimilated and brought into manifested form.

Envision, imagine, believe and see the form become the idea in perfect focus. The alliance of matter and spirit becomes the wholeness of manifested Light.
With each emotion rise into your soul's desire, find the path along the path of blue fire. Be in the ascending bliss of this moment and the next. The heart space opens to provide comfort and pleasure, as you are fulfilled by the love of the universe. You are alive with Light and feel your being flower in worship of the Divine plan of the Goddess. Be always healthy in body, wealthy in life, wise in communion and blessed in spirit.

The markers of the great cycle through the precession of the equinox command the physical and spiritual evolution of all species. Calendars are arbitrary and secondary measurements of time, yet the movement of celestial bodies follow the coordination of Divine Intelligence. The universal time piece is the spinning cross that moves in reversal to rewind experience into awakened intelligence. The Swastika marks the roots of time and the Grand Illumination. The symbol holds the codes of awakening in time and space, as the X marks the spot of the eternal now, and the timeless nirvana of being. The polarities are resolved by the unconditional alchemical love of the Emerald Heart, where resolution is found on the ladder of heaven. The commanders of men shall bury their swords in the ground and return from battle to the homeland. The sacred horses shall ride four years together and one year alone, faster and faster towards the rising sun. Each day shall speak of history, legend and myth. Each night shall bring dreams, visions and spirit. You are the holy ones who show the path of the Four Kings of Heaven.

These are the stars of the cross and the lighted pathway. Open the Emerald Heart to hear the messages of your intuitive mind and say the words that bring emotion. The power of the Light is called forth. In the heat of summer, the star of the Whale will speak for Terra, and bring the healing rays of the soul and sun. The swords will burn blood-red and white-gold, so the Tribe of the Blue Fire may awaken.

Sacred Blue Fire II ~ DVD # 20-03 GR53C

Transcribed by: Shakti-Lia
Proofread by: Bag1
Final Proofread by Nanineko

We come, in this last hour of time, to speak with intention and promise, that your way is clear. It is time for creation to begin in anew ways, with new rays of light. Creators of the Golden Sun are here with the Ring of Light. We are here, and there is the multi-Dimensional truth to empower your actions. In freedom you are awakened, and you are the Wayshowers, who guide the Children of Light that come to manifest the New World. The Initiators are coming forth to give and give all that they own, have and control to the Children of Light, so they may safely guide the planet through this passage out of time.

The timing is correct, for time is conscious awareness of the eternal Now. It is expanding sacred space for creation. The earth is a planet of deep and powerful activation of energy. It is called the Living Library for all the resources that are contained herein. You are the librarians who hold the codes, the keys and know the index to find all the elements of life within the solar system. There are so many easy and obvious symbols for you to see and understand. All languages hold these, and they are clear references that you can become aware of.

The Extraterrestrials are here to be part of the evolutionary creative energy of this Universe that is manifested within the planet. The planet earth, Gaia or Terra, has great wealth, energy and resources. Her body is a plethora of abundance that is shared, so that you may grow and expand into multidimensional beings of higher intelligence.

The body of the earth will change. Change is part of the world you live within and upon. This is not some new thought that no one has considered about before coming here. Change is why you have incarnated. The change is the exciting part of the journey, as now you have the opportunity to ride the waves of change and awaken.

It is time that you become aware of your part in this creation. The manifestation of your being is multi-Dimensional and exists on many layers of time and space. Each of these regions allows a part of your being to become a spirit with a mind and a heart, where there is thought and feeling connected to it, so that you become a sentient creature in these realms. Still, the strand that connects your manifestation of being to the other layers is unaltered by these connections to a time and space reality. The Central Strand is your collective soul, in that it is collective, because you are manifesting on multiple levels of being in different time fields, working in integral harmony.

Your sentience is being expanded from reaction to creation. In creation, you become a higher order being, wherein you create from intentional thought and feeling to desired contextual form, to manifested focused reality. The process follows the law of inclusion and the law of attraction operating within polarized dimensions. This is the method of evolution.

Evolution moves from lower orders of intelligence, action and creation, to higher levels of autonomous creative endeavor. Humanity as a species has the operational capacity to act as one and to act individually and autonomous, to create environments and to destroy them and regenerate them. Humanity and the singular human level of intelligence is increased by language and vocabularies that stretch into abstract infinities. The overall quantity, quality and expansion of human thought follows an ascending scale of development. The added use of telepathic interplay with logical awareness is your next step.

Sacred Blue Fire III ~ DVD # 20-04 GR53D

Transcribed by: Almaz
Proofread by: iixlent
Final Proofread by Nanineko

Awakening means seeing. It means knowing, and it means acting with the energy that brings forth manifestation. Ask for more energy each day, that you may accomplish your dreams and desires. Ask to know what you wish for. Align with those desires through the higher path and higher intelligence. There are no outer inhibitions to your creations and manifestations. These are illusions. You are walking through the dark visions of worry, confusion and hopelessness to passion, excitement and joy. The Universe is vast, open and allows for all manifestation to expand into infinity in every direction. The same is true of this realm of political, financial, social, and individual human life. Let your Heart Energy flow into the future like the beauty of a musical composition with the melodies that life appreciates and fills with emotion and ecstasy.

Find the synthesis in common beliefs and in the power of connectedness. There is in this place the Truth, which shall outshine all the problems being imagined by those of selfish agendas and fear. The Dark Ones are dark because they do not have energy. They push it away from themselves and they fight against it. Their Light is diminishing. You will see them disappear from your sight soon as they have no Light to shine. They are refusing to open to the energy that is coming into the system, and therefore will find themselves in a deeper and dark void.

The Light that is coming in is from the Shining Ones that you are, and you will continue to grow with the current of the new stream. You may feel empathy for the Dark Ones, but let them go. Let them go and let them take the fear that keeps them hiding their face from the Sun. It is time that you awaken and speak in love and kindness, and ask them to put down their weapons of war and ask them to come back to the Family of Light. There are so many that act as if there is a war, after war, after war. They create hidden plays and intrigue on every level. The World of Light does not act in secrecy or subversion. There is no deception with the Light of the Wayshowers. They speak out that they are love and they give freely their energy for it is replaced by more and more and more. The Dark ones hold back their energy and will face the lessening of their power, as without flow there is stagnation and degeneracy. The flow is overpowering and will wash away the stagnant pockets of life that have attempted to hold ground and not move away from this place. The desire for safety, in fear of change, is a symptom of this fantasy that holds evil and fear as precious.

Look into the eyes of each person that you come into contact with each day, each moment. Feel the Heart of each Wayshower and friend that you come across within the Family. Feel their Heart and ask them to know that you share love with them. You are here in the orientation of knowing the path of the Wayshowers. The design of the plan to create the global transformation into a World of Light is coming forth. It allows you time and protection in your venture, for it is always allowing you to grow beyond the dark, as the Light shines brighter and deeper into the Universe every moment.

When you awaken to the Light of the Sun, all shadows disappear as the Sun shines brighter and rises to it's zenith. The Sun is this moment just rising over the horizon. A few dark clouds obstruct its' appearance and so there are shadows that are keeping many from seeing the Light. As the heat of the sun warms the sky, you will see through the clouds and the Light will shine directly into your eyes, and all the gloom of the past, which was held against the natural flow of the Light will leave and there will be comfort and new creation.

In this time of balancing, the Dark Ones who wish to stay asleep and remember nightmares in their emotional fantasies of conflict, enemies and catastrophes are held in nostalgic scenarios of victims and perpetrators. They are hurt and seek healing, not condemnation and attack, for it will keep them caught in their miasma and puzzled by the illusions within private labyrinths. Wayshowers awaken to see past the manifestations of thought-forms that have been created from the static of loss, fear and panic, and send to those of evil intent Light to awaken and be part of the Tribe.

The political and financial leaders of your world are caught in the dream of power. They only have the power of life for a few years in the physical reality, yet they act as if they are gods over the billions who live here forever. This is a strange and disturbed group that have felt empowered by the might of their own illusions. The heart of humanity will not be broken by the few who wish to use energy to inflict pain, pollution and disaster upon the children of earth. There is now a world of freedom that is opening to the billions who are to awaken and claim their freedom, and know they are the rightful heirs to abundance which is held with the earth.

It does not matter the power the elite few hold in your present time. Their possession of power of much of the earth’s wealth is insignificant. There is so much more that the earth offers that there is no need to take what they have stolen from humanity. Let them have it, for it is only a small part of the ever-expanding abundance. There is no scarcity and no hindrance to your freedom. Do not cower in fear of these elite few who wish to confuse you with their magic. Let your mind open to the Light of the New Dawn where abundance means abundance. It is not found in thinking of ways to manipulate fear and cause physical disease. The body of humanity can heal any sickness in any being at any time. There is no need to be fearful or look for a savior. The time of saviors is ended.

Hold into integrity your vision, and what you desire to create, and open to the Emerald Heart.

You are created powerful, wise and loving.

You are honored in the Tribe of Blue Fire.

Of Terra and Sol~ DVD #GR54A

Transcribed by: Almaz
Proofread by: Shakti-Lila
Final Proofread by Nanineko

Of Terra we ask for the peace that is our birthright, and wealth, which is our joy to give and be one with our neighbor in the Family of Light. The drama of the 21st Century seems to be too much to endure and it is only beginning to increase in heat, as the fire burns hotter and hotter. The Blue Fire is the hottest and purges and purifies into molten gold all the dross of the planet’s crude and darkened friction. The lightening bolt strikes, and sparks fly as the days of the ending of time approach. Everywhere the eyes of the children of Terra awaken and see the Black Age of the Kali Yuga fall.

Turn your eyes upward and see the pillar of light descend to bring your alignment. The world around gravitates towards the center with each evil being thrown off into the void as the spin increases faster and faster. The children’s merry-go-round is symbolic of the spinning vortex you are upon. At the edge, the centripetal forces push you into the horizontal extension out of balance and away from the center. You feel as if you are sliding off into oblivion as the spin moves faster and faster. In confusion and fear, you are finding that the spin swings every physical atom away from the center of balance.

Hold to your center and spin within and let the panorama of life and the dramas of wars, depressions, crime, violence, deceit, greed and conflict, see it being cast off from your merry-go-round. All is well within the center. Stay balanced and allow anything that is not of your higher being and future destiny of health, wealth and wisdom to fly away.Let it move out of your field. Let it move away from your playground.You understand that this center is not only horizontal, but a vortex that is spinning in all directions withgreater force and speed. The spins of the sphere are sending outward from its sacred-space-of-the-eternal-now all that has existed in time and space and all that was destined. All lives lived and all lives dreamed are seeing the ideas that were manifested and those emotional empowered pulled out of your body so that the inner body of Light may be born. The great sound, the roar of the lion and the song of the Whale bring power to the open cave of the soul, wherein the heart of the Eagle is the Bull’s Eye. In myth and magic,you are awakening to realize the time of change has come. Waves of change are rushing into your protected reality and no barrier can stop them from being seen.

The beings of other worlds and the memories of ancient lives come to be remembered and welcomed. This is the time of the mind opening to its wisdom and telepathic communication.Terra and Sol stream the Light of Love and the Love of Light into the portal of the dream of being. In clairvoyant understanding you are aware now that the gate is opened to the space within your heart. The center point of your being is found and there the spinning ceases and you see under the canopy of existence your lives and your purpose. You awaken to the Light of your multi-Dimensional being and are now given the keys and the codes to creation. You are the creator of your world, when you are centered in the space where time does not exist in the point called The Now, where the flow of the Tao is balanced throughout all the Dimensions. Where the counter-rotating merkaba is stabilized and you are calm in motionlessness, silent in soundlessness, and in deep meditation of Oneness with everything.

From within comes your soul... that you have long known as your spirit’s deepest essence.
Your soul comes from within, in this moment deep and abiding, calm and assured, divine and pure. The Light rises up from the unknown that you are, and you begin to feel the mystic presence of compassion, forgiveness and grace. Always you have walked on the shore of being, where the Divine Light is given to you... the way to know your own being. The reflection of time was given to you to experience the other worlds, where you could extend into being and see the contrast of existence, and set upon courses of discovery. There was always the risk that on this journey you could get lost and be lost for a time until you could find your way back to the family. It was known that as far as you could go, in whichever direction, there was nowhere where you could not be found.

There comes a time upon the wheel of destiny where the Family of Light calls for all to return.
You are the Wayshowers who seek the lost ones and bring them back into the Light of their being and show them the path home. There are no new journeys that are needed, for the path is always about joy and living in the experience of Divine creation. The Wayshowers are here to bring the Guiding Light back to Terra and to show this path to the dark ones who seek to hide from the Light of Sol. Sol is the guardian of this system and you are hearing the call of the Mother of Creation from the Galactic Heart
call out to the Family and call to bring them to the Golden Age of the Satya Yuga.

The multi-Dimensional mind is opening the portal of initiation. And it is within your sphere,
in the center, where you are calm, collected and assured. Let the spinning stop and slowly turn with the wheel of fortune in harmony with the celestials. Move in harmony with the Galaxy as it moves in perfect alliance with the greater galaxies and the pull of the Universe.

Sacred Creative Energy ~ DVD #GR54B

Transcribed by: Shakti Lila
Proofread by: Almaz
Final Proofread by Nanineko

The Spirit is that which is brought through sex, as you know it, the sacral energy that is moving up through the spine. This is the carrying of the Cross upward. From the Central Strand you carry each level of material manifestation upward. As you make sacred you make the planet sacred.

Your vulnerability is the key, for it is always vulnerable where there is a change. When there is a change, it allows for full and complete consciousness. It allows for consciousness to bring the Light of the awakened Christ through into your being. This allows you to understand the energy of sex and the energy of the sacred are the same. And they empower you to carry the Cross upward, and to become, and to breathe
into the mixture of the duality and the polarities, and to be found in the Oneness of Spirit.

Allow for each to come at their own pace. Allow for each to walk on the path of life. Allow for each to want this. It is not wanted by all to be awakened, yet. Understand that it is not required that all become awakened to the Christ energy. There is not a set number. The plan that is made is made with complete confidence that all will want this and all will come to this. And all have completed this, in the future, and understand that they have the energy of the Christ within them. And it is in this circle of being, in this wholeness and Oneness of humanity, that all are One.

You have made the earth sacred and in your own presence to be here and to allow this to happen. From the ghost of your past, you have walked into the Light of your Heart. In this Heart you have opened the covenant. When you accept your emotions you will drive your mind into the spiritual. The spiritual is not always connected to the mind. This is the leap of faith, the energy that moves across the waters. Always Love, it brings about the completion of the cycle turning into duality to make sacred, to make whole, to make the sacrament, to involve, to roll over and to complete, to roll within and outward, to go outward to allow Infinity to release its' own coil of inward and outward motion at the same time. To bring the mind the concepts to be manifest emotion and to have it accepted. To accept emotion is your greatest gift to the Universe.

For as the Universe is based on love and wisdom... the will and power, the science and ceremonial order has been manifested in order for the basis of the Christ within to manifest through the Heart. This is the principle of the Self and this is the principle of the Seven.

The principle of the Seven is that each cell is a manifestation of the spiritual holographic ideal. Within this vortex, you feel the pull of the inward motion going counterclockwise. The vortex will sense the movement of the energy outward in a counterclockwise motion. Both of these manifestations are present.

This is the symbol of the Trinity,of As Above, So Below. But within the Center is always the Heart, and within the Heart is the Christ. And the Christ is the Teacher, and the Teacher awakens you to who you are...which is the Teacher of Light.

Higher Sensitivity

Transcribed by: Jaaacque09
Proofread by: _________

As the crisis comes to an end it is time now, it is up to the individuals of higher purpose and higher sensitivity to return into places of power through the secret passage of the heart, there they will bring magical powers and great wisdom. The black alliance CANNOT penetrate this space with their intellectual and technological grid based mental technologies, IT IS from the alignment of the heart energy and understanding the secret knowledge of the ancients that the world will be saved from the imbalance that has been

The followers of the dark masters will be guided to a lower dimension where they can evolve in an appropriate measure. There is stress and struggle to survive as in chaos there will be many levels find this creates the vortex of fear which keeps them from venturing out and they live in a miasma of discomfort and

It is for this reason that the sensitives come forth the Wayshowers the Lightworkers and all those who have power within their own being come forth to give healing and others then have the courage to align with the new energies and have the half mind become a whole mind. The Liquid Light is now given at this point and there will be a release of power of your crown chakra and in this moment the heart will open and the intelligence of Love will be known in oneness harmony and revelation will enlighten
your soul

The half mind will let go of its duality and the single vision of your heart will sound again in awareness and connection with the planet. You need only to imagine and visualize this Intelligence and Spirit coming into your body and passing through you to all that who cross your path..... and when you do this you have brought your mission to the Earth....

Tribe of Blue Fire goldring enlightenment

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